Who Cares About Online Reviews!

Did you know that 97% of consumers turn to online reviews before deciding whether to CHOOSE or PASS on a business, product, or service.

If you were searching... would you choose you?

97% of Consumers Can't Be Wrong!

Businesses that understand this are dominating the ones who don't

Since online reviews are the number one deciding factor to which consumers turn to in order to help them either choose or pass on your business, shouldn't you do everything you can to make sure the scales are overwhelmingly tipped in your favor?

The solution is simple.

Your business can become the obvious choice in your industry and rise in the ranks on Google... simply by collecting an endless stream of positive customer reviews.

The 3 Ways Businesses Receive Reviews

And how you can make them work for you
Passive Approach to Review Requests


About 95% of all businesses fall into this category. They do very little, if anything, to promote online reviews from their customer base. The extent is usually a sticker provided by Google or Yelp slapped on their front door asking to leave a review. 

This is why the majority of businesses only show a handful of reviews, even after several years (or even decades) of being in business.

Writing an angry negative review


Unfortunately, many times, unsolicited reviews are negative ones. These are (normally) emotionally posted reviews by a customer who feels they were shorted in some way. Depending on how many reviews you have, even a single negative review can wreak havoc on your star rating, causing potential customers to avoid you and lose valuable business.

The only way to raise your star rating is to add a massive amount of positive reviews to drown out the negative reviews. Our software not only helps your business gain a massive amount of new online reviews, but it also diverts negative reviews from your online profile so you can correct the problem before it damages your reputation.

Strategically placed QR codes


Only a small handful of businesses fall into this category and are usually the ones who appear to dominate their industry online. These businesses usually have several touchpoints that remind customers to leave online reviews, such as:

  • A window sticker with a QR code
  • Various point of sale displays strategically placed around the business with QR codes
  • Surveys, follow up emails, and text messages reminding customers to leave a review
  • Asking the customer to review the business as a transaction is completed

This is exactly what our software does... and more!

Rockstar Reputation Management Logo

Introducing Rockstar Reputation Management

Review request software that helps grow (and fix) your online reputation and dominate your local industry. Rockstar helps you increase your leads, gain new customers, yield higher sales, and most importantly... put more money in your pocket! Rockstar automates the collection process and makes it extremely easy for customers to submit an online review. This all happens in the background so you can focus on your business.

Asking for reviews has never been easier

Our automated software sends out messages to your customers reminding them to leave a review. Rockstar takes the guesswork out of leaving an online review. You can choose to target a specific review site of your choice (Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc) or let Rockstar decide where your reviews are needed most. Rockstar can also internalize a bad review before it is posted online... saving your online reputation.
DOMINATE the Google Map Pack and show up in more local searches for your industry. With high ratings and multiple keyword-rich online reviews, Google is more likely to suggest your business higher than your competition. New customers will have no choice but to choose you!
Take a look at these search results... which listing do you feel safest choosing? 

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Client Success Stories

Depending on your business, a single new customer may be valued at a few dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. What would a new customer mean for your business? Whether you're a roofer with only a handful of clients a month, or a local restaurant that serves hundreds of customers a month... your business is guaranteed to benefit from Rockstar Reputation Management.

Auto Collection Of Murfreesboro

Murfreesboro, TN
Google Reviews
Growth in 5 Years

Black Diamond HVAC Experts

Salt Lake City, Ut
Google Reviews
Growth in 4 Years

Fallen King Tattoo Studio

Google Reviews
Growth in 2 Months

Another Time Soda Fountain & Café

Google Reviews
Growth in 2 Months

Fast N Fresh Mexican Grill

Simi Valley, CA
Google Reviews
Growth in 2 Weeks

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